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Maker's Mark's average rating is 80/100 from 45 reviews and 197 ratings

Maker's Mark reviews

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Maker's Mark

A classic Maker's Mark

This has been a classic staple in my cabinet. After I married my wife I discovered that this was also a staple of her cabinet . . . but only for cooking! I am on a mission to find an alternative bourbon…

@NockBy @Nock6 years ago 0 284

Maker's Mark 46

Makin' Yer Maker Better Maker's Mark 46

I've always had a soft spot for Maker's Mark - the bottle looks cool, it's hand-dipped in wax, and there aren't many other standard bourbons that are wheated (a style I quite like). The distillery was…

@talexanderBy @talexander7 years ago 0 390

Maker's Mark

Fine introduction to Bourbon Maker's Mark

I've never had much patience for Bourbon. The only time I had previously tried the stuff was when I was younger and never stopped to appreciate it. I was just now out at a Southern US-themed restaurant…

@GeneralissimoBy @Generalissimo8 years ago 0 078

Maker's Mark

Very nice Bourbon Maker's Mark

Soft, fruity, easy to enjoy. Very good for a bourbon in my opinion. The kind of a bottle you are glad to have in the front row of your cupboard, from which you take a sip after a long day or from which…

tBy @tuomasp8 years ago 0 181

Maker's Mark 46

A huge improvement Maker's Mark 46

Maker's 46 is the first and only new variation of the standard Maker's Mark, created by putting ordinary Maker's into new toasted oak barrels with toasted staves in the middle. The result is a surpris…

BBy @BourbonNorth18 years ago 0 085

Maker's Mark

Maker's Mark Maker's Mark

Whiskey tasted neat.Appearance: straw-gold colour.Nose: A fair bit of alcohol, some vanilla, caramel, brown sugar becoming more prevalent with time.Palate: Sweet and somewhat plain; a very 'forward'…

BBy @BourbonNorth18 years ago 0 273

Maker's Mark 46

Bourbon with a Pedigree Maker's Mark 46

I pride myself on trying all sorts of whiskies from around the world, although I have a particular love of scottish single malts. I tried the 'regular' Maker's Mark some the ago and thought it a good…

@phoenixBy @phoenix9 years ago 0 188

Maker's Mark 46

Maker's 2.0 Maker's Mark 46

In a previous review (http://www.connosr.com/reviews/makers-mark/makers-mark/the-original-premium-bourbon/), I gave some background on Maker’s Mark, the most well known wheated bourbon on the market. The…

@dbkBy @dbk9 years ago 0 484

Maker's Mark

The Original "Premium" Bourbon Maker's Mark

Maker’s Mark is a “wheated” bourbon, meaning that the “small” grain in the mash is wheat (rather than the more conventional rye). Though Maker’s Mark was not the first wheated bourbon on the market—the…

@dbkBy @dbk9 years ago 0 181

Maker's Mark

Nice and simple Maker's Mark

Maker's mark is a nice easy Whisky, a good into dram. Very drink able sipping whisky, very delicate for a burbon, but with is subtlety MM has a range of complex flavors, non of which are over powering…

@britwhiskyfanBy @britwhiskyfan9 years ago 0 189

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