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Maker's Mark's average rating is 80/100 from 45 reviews and 197 ratings

Maker's Mark reviews

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Maker's Mark 46

Lovely and better then MM Maker's Mark 46

Now let’s get going with Maker’s 46, which is why in the first place i tasted the original MM… At first i did (quite foolishly) that Maker’s 46 stood for 46% ABV, but when i saw that it was actually 47%…

@galgBy @galg10 years ago 0 190

Maker's Mark (Red Yellow Wax)

PLS Answer Maker's Mark (Red Yellow Wax)

The bottle hissed when opened. Seeing as I just meant to purchase a regular red wax bottle and was given this I'm curious to know the difference. I would like to know if this is a different blend or just…

MBy @MrChristian10 years ago 0 120

Maker's Mark 46

Maker's Maker 46 Maker's Mark 46

Makers Mark (MM) is one of two USA distillers to use the name whisky rather than whiskey (an indication to it's owners Scottish roots).This bourbon is extremely interesting because it's using the same…

@thewhiskyguyBy @thewhiskyguy10 years ago 0 1095

Maker's Mark

My Everyday Whiskey Maker's Mark

This is my "go to" whiskey with a wonderful balance of flavor and price :)Make no mistake this is an everyday whiskey, though I try my best not to drink it everyday. The nose is clean with both lightly…

@quirkzooBy @quirkzoo11 years ago 0 280

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