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Old Pulteney's average rating is 84/100 from 114 reviews and 337 ratings

Old Pulteney reviews

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Old Pulteney 12 Year Old

Testing the robustness Old Pulteney 12 Year Old

Bottle bought on a shopping trip to Sweden, this was one of few whisky bottles with a significantly lower price than in Norway. As is, £19 is a large enough 'discount' to grab a bottle every time you're…

@FiberfarBy @Fiberfar7 years ago 0 484

Old Pulteney 12 Year Old

Old Pulteney 12 ans Old Pulteney 12 Year Old

Ambre. Nez: alcool. Céréale. Caramel. Salin. Bois. Fruité. Pomme cuite. Pâte à tarte. Meringue. Agrume (mandarine, citron). Bouche: très sucré. Très délicat. Pâte à biscuit. Céréale (farine). Caramel au…

SBy @Supertiti337 years ago 0 080

Old Pulteney 12 Year Old

Good entry-level malt Old Pulteney 12 Year Old

Nose: grass, sea air, malt, marzipan. On the palate it's fresh, dry, little bit salty and peppery. Finish is herbal and short. There ist everything ok with this whisky, just don't expect too much. Per…

MBy @Marek7 years ago 0 080

Old Pulteney 17 Year Old

Shapeshifting Seasider Old Pulteney 17 Year Old

I sampled the 21 year old OB and an independent 12 year old bottling last year, both of which I liked very much in their own way, so decided to fork out for this OP17 that I found recently for a good…

@JulesBy @Jules7 years ago 0 084

Old Pulteney 35 Year Old

Tightrope Walker Old Pulteney 35 Year Old

The Old Pulteney 35 Year Old was released a few weeks ago. It matured on bourbon and sherry casks that were selected by distillery manager Malcolm Waring himself. It is a limited edition of 450 bottles…

@markjedi1By @markjedi17 years ago 0 089

Old Pulteney WK209

Duality Old Pulteney WK209

The WK 209 Good Hope is a herring boat moored in Wick. Rumor has it this was the first boat to gauge depth by means of the echo sounder. The contents (of the whisky, not of the boat) matured exclusively…

@markjedi1By @markjedi17 years ago 0 081

Old Pulteney 1990 Vintage

Book Shop Old Pulteney 1990 Vintage

This 1990 Vintage was announced in November 2013 and is a malt composed of sherry and bourbon cask that previously held heavily peated whisky. This, of course, will give an extra dimension to this 23…

@markjedi1By @markjedi17 years ago 0 085

Old Pulteney 21 Year Old

Grown Complexity Old Pulteney 21 Year Old

Warm slow crisp steady licorice and red fruit loaded arrival develops a vanilla and vegetable balanced sweet thick mouth coating finish.

@PMessingerBy @PMessinger7 years ago 0 391

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