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Stranahan's Colorado's average rating is 84/100 from 14 reviews and 36 ratings

Stranahan's Colorado reviews

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Stranahan's Colorado Diamond  Peak

Diamond Peak Stranahan's Colorado Diamond Peak

Sweeter than its stable mates, You are fit hit by the dried fried on the nose, hints of coca, expresso and rosted chillis, there is a complex finish with slight speyside style kick followed soft smooth…

@britwhiskyfanBy @britwhiskyfan4 years ago 1 071

Stranahan's Colorado Malt Whiskey

Strawberry Twizzlers Stranahan's Colorado Malt Whiskey

This whisky is from a sample provided by @thewalkingdad. I unfortunately do not have the batch number. As I understand this is an American malt whisky aged in new oak. Sample is neat in a glencairn.Nose…

@casualtortureBy @casualtorture5 years ago 1 084

Stranahan's Colorado

A most pleasant surprise Stranahan's Colorado

Nose: sweet, fruity, with the warm suggestion of freshly-baked desserts. Also fresh-cut wood and slight woodsmoke. Floral notes deeper in the glass. Enticing. Taste: full-flavoured yet with a smooth…

@MegawattBy @Megawatt7 years ago 1 192

Stranahan's Colorado

Toffeed Batch # 106 Stranahan's Colorado

This review is of a bottle from Batch # 106 given to me by a friend. That friend was at the Stranahan's Distillery in Denver and was given a choice between buying a bottle of Batch # 106 and Batch # 107…

@VictorBy @Victor10 years ago 0 285

Stranahan's Colorado

Elixir Stranahan's Colorado

Stranahan is a bit special. They use four types of malt, hence making it not a bourbon, but rather a single malt. The distillery only fills about 40 barrels a week for maturation in the very hot climate…

@markjedi1By @markjedi110 years ago 0 585

Stranahan's Colorado

An Epic Journey For A Taste Of Home Stranahan's Colorado

A few months ago I started a new job. I stopped being an animal trainer and behaviorist and started becoming a liquor store manager.Kind of a radical job change eh?The biggest reason I changed job titles…

@SquidgyAshBy @SquidgyAsh11 years ago 0 290

Stranahan's Colorado

Great American Whiskey. (malt) Stranahan's Colorado

A little change today, with an American malt whiskey. Made of barley. and In Colorado. Eighty per cent of the barley used to distil this one is grown in Colorado with the remainder coming from the Rocky…

@galgBy @galg12 years ago 0 686

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