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Highland Park Dragon Legend

Typical HP Highland Park Dragon Legend

Highland Park loves to profile itself with the slogan ‘best spirit in the world’, but many aficionados were somewhat disappointed with the distillery of late. The official releases are too many too fast…

@markjedi1By @markjedi13 days ago 0 085

Old Pulteney 21 Year Old

Top notch malt Old Pulteney 21 Year Old

I finally decided to open my bottle of Old Pulteney 21-year old that I had been stacking away since 2017. It was matured in fino sherry (one third) and refill bourbon casks (two thirds) and was discon…

@Pierre_WBy @Pierre_W6 days ago 6 589

Craigellachie 17 Year Old

Not Your Typical Speyside Craigellachie 17 Year Old

Maybe regional designations don't matter much anymore, but I tend to think of "typical" Speyside whisky as honey-flowers-cinnamon-vanilla-raisins and this Craigellachie is a bit different. It's from a…

@OdysseusUnboundBy @OdysseusUnbound7 days ago 3 989

Compass Box The Peat Monster

Thunderstruck Compass Box The Peat Monster

I've been drawn to heavy, guitar-driven music as long as I can remember. From Metallica, Guns N' Roses, Slayer, Pantera, and even AC/DC, louder was always better when I was learning to play. Looking back…

@OdysseusUnboundBy @OdysseusUnbound11 days ago 3 486

Balvenie Tun 1509 Batch 2

Oranges & Mandarins Balvenie Tun 1509 Batch 2

I had been no less than 4 years since I last tried the Balvenie Tun 1509. I thought that was great. By now even the 6th batch has been released. But allow me to try the second one. The tun 1509 is four…

@markjedi1By @markjedi111 days ago 3 088

Balvenie 30 Year Old

Refined Balvenie 30 Year Old

The Balvenie Thirty, the 30 years old from this well-known Speyside distillery, was launched in 2014. I had the fortune of trying this at the whisky festival in Ghent. The label proudly claims ‘Tradit…

@markjedi1By @markjedi111 days ago 1 091

Jim Beam Repeal Batch

The best $15 whiskey I've had Jim Beam Repeal Batch

It is hitting the 90s in Tennessee now, so I went to grab a nice gose for doing yardwork. I saw this sitting on the shelf for $15. They had me once I read 'non-chill filtered.' This is Jim Beam Repeal…

@casualtortureBy @casualtorture15 days ago 2 081

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