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Blanton's average rating is 87/100 from 46 reviews and 108 ratings

Blanton's reviews

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Blanton's Gold Edition

Golden Sand, Golden Hair Blanton's Gold Edition

When I was traveling in Japan last February, I have visited a few liquor stores in Tokyo, some of them have tasting for very cheap fee, so I tried a few scotch, cognac and Japanese whisky. I knew very…

@mystycreekBy @mystycreek2 years ago 6 191

Blanton's Gold Edition

Export Whiskey d'Or Blanton's Gold Edition

My thanks to @paddockjudge for the reviewed sample. Blanton's brand single-barrel bourbon is made at Buffalo Trace Distillery, but is owned by the company Age International, which controls where it is…

@VictorBy @Victor2 years ago 5 1391

Blanton's Gold Edition

And they're off... Blanton's Gold Edition

Barrel 828 Warehouse H Rick #29 Bottle 86 Batch marking: B1426709:38J Dumped Sept. 19, 2014 51.5%This is my first Blanton’s expression. It carries no age statement but online research suggests it may be…

@NozinanBy @Nozinan2 years ago 0 588

Blanton's Gold Edition

Smooth, sweet and creamy Blanton's Gold Edition

I was first introduced to the Blanton's Gold in the Craft Beer Co. bars in London. It was a cheaper alternative to their Van Winkles, but in it's own way it became a regular favourite for me. Great for…

@MuddyFunsterBy @MuddyFunster3 years ago 0 292

Blanton's Gold Edition

Very Moreish Blanton's Gold Edition

Left this to sit in the glass for about half an hour before I even went near it. I've found this whiskey needs considerable breathing time to settle down.Nose is strong with spicy oak. Massive, massive…

@Nemesis101By @Nemesis1013 years ago 0 593

Blanton's Original

Give it time Blanton's Original

When I first tried Blanton's Original I was not taken with it, as the months have gone by and I have returned to try again and again it has developed into an awesome bourbon. Many people say the Woodf…

@Pete1969By @Pete19693 years ago 0 089

Blanton's Special Reserve

less than impressed Blanton's Special Reserve

what a disappointment this bourbon is, after reading so many positive reviews and hearing many good things about blantons, i have to say that i am extremely let down. even with out the hype it still…

fBy @fishy1oh4 years ago 0 170

Blanton's Single Barrel 2012

Creamy Blanton's Single Barrel 2012

Blanton’s is produced by Sazerac, one of the biggest players on the American market. This single barrel of Blanton’s is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon. It has an orange sheen on it. I tried this for the…

@markjedi1By @markjedi15 years ago 0 080

Blanton's Special Reserve

Wade's PhD celebration Blanton's Special Reserve

Golden orange appearance. Toasted coconut, apple, caramel aroma. Slightly sweet, toffee, vanilla, light apple, woody flavor. Not overly flavorful but pretty good.

@adnielsenBy @adnielsen5 years ago 0 083

Blanton's Gold Edition

Banging Bourbon Blanton's Gold Edition

This is a cracking single barrel, cask strength, rip roaring dram.The nose is sweet with rich vanilla, spices, slight oak with lots for dried fruit peel and juicy dark fruits.In the mouth it delivers…

@tjbBy @tjb5 years ago 0 091

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