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Cragganmore's average rating is 81/100 from 49 reviews and 197 ratings

Cragganmore reviews

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Cragganmore 12 Year Old

A Polite Speyside Cragganmore 12 Year Old

I was gifted a 20cl bottle of Cragganmore 12 by my brother. He doesn't share my enthusiasm for whisky so I was surprised he went for a 12yo scotch that isn't a household name around here. Cragganmore is…

@casualtortureBy @casualtorture about one month ago 6 384

Cragganmore 1988 17 Year Old

Malty bliss Cragganmore 1988 17 Year Old

Cragganmore distillery is located in the village of Ballindalloch in Banffshire and is named after the nearby Craggan More (gaelic for 'big rock') hill. It was founded in 1869 by John Smith on land…

@Pierre_WBy @Pierre_W4 years ago 0 087

Cragganmore 12 Year Old

Main stream speyside Cragganmore 12 Year Old

I’ll gloss over the hyperbole on the label, this is despite Diageo’s long seen through hype, a pretty main stream speyside. Pale amber in colour, the aromas include orange zest, cinnamon and coriander…

@UisgebethaBy @Uisgebetha4 years ago 0 286

Cragganmore 15 Year Old 1999 Malts of Scotland

Lemon Pie Cragganmore 15 Year Old 1999 Malts of Scotland

Let me start by saying that an incomprehensible typo can be found on the label. The whisky is called Craggenmore instead of Cragganmore. Oh, well. This is, by the way, only the second Cragganmore that…

@markjedi1By @markjedi15 years ago 0 084

Cragganmore 12 Year Old 20cl

Average People Pleaser Cragganmore 12 Year Old 20cl

I don't like caramel colouring agents in whisky.This whisky is more white pepper than smokey peat which is how it is described on the bottle.Bitter finish.I am sure a that few years back this was a nicer…

@bigdBy @bigd5 years ago 0 077

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