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Balblair's average rating is 84/100 from 49 reviews and 112 ratings

Balblair reviews

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Balblair 1999

Fruit cup, crême caramel and polish Balblair 1999

My first Balblair, as it is not a distillery that gets much mention in my hood. I got a chance to try this at an SAQ (Quebec's state run liquor stores) in store tasting last month, I was by myself so…

@cricklewoodBy @cricklewood3 years ago 1 185

Balblair 1989

Champagne of whisky world Balblair 1989

Ralfy said that this is the Champagne of single malts. I agree, at least when it comes to movies. For me it is like Hitchcock's movie Champagne. Not his best work, but a nice showing. Kinda like Vintage…

@RantavahtiBy @Rantavahti5 years ago 0 085

Balblair 16 Year Old

Better than this review! Balblair 16 Year Old

I really liked this malt. Very clean, far more complex than my old very scratchy notes give credit. I have a couple of more recent editions from this distillery that I’m itching for an excuse to open.…

@UisgebethaBy @Uisgebetha5 years ago 0 085

Balblair 1997

Starts brightly, then fades Balblair 1997

Found this in my local supermarket recently which was quite a surprise given they generally only stock the usual 'entry-level' malts of Glenfiddich, Laphroaig 10 etc.Declared as natural colour and unc…

@Nemesis101By @Nemesis1015 years ago 0 078

Balblair 2003

Ûber-decent son-in-law Balblair 2003

Color: Maturation in ex-bourbon casks expresses itself in a pale straw Chardonnay color.Nose: Fresh citric notes, a Balblair signature. Lemon and mandarin peel. Honey sweetness and vanilla are developing…

@tastydramBy @tastydram5 years ago 0 087

Balblair 1990 2nd Release

A Tasty Intruder Balblair 1990 2nd Release

Color: The 1990 matured for 21 years in ex-bourbon casks and had a 2 year finishing on Oloroso sherry butts. It has a rich amber color and forms long elegant tears on the side of the glass.Nose: A rich…

@tastydramBy @tastydram5 years ago 0 086

Balblair 1983

Masala Chai served by a ladie Balblair 1983

Color: The 1983 is a classic beauty. A soft copper glow and a syrupy texture.Nose: Full of ripe tropical fruits. Banana, mango and pineapple caramelized with vanilla sugar. There’s also a hint of toasted…

@tastydramBy @tastydram5 years ago 0 090

Balblair 2001

Sunday Afternoon Dram Balblair 2001

We just got back from a visit with my parents in Oshawa, and while my daughter plays next door, I thought I would write up a malt that is perfect for a crisp, sunny fall day like today.Balblair is a very…

@talexanderBy @talexander6 years ago 0 291

Balblair 1997

The Grapes of Wrath, but I like 'em Balblair 1997

The Grapes of Wrath come to mind when thinking about this youngest of the Balblair 'vintages'. Like the vintage movie classic, Balblair 1997 could become on of the classics. Well, at least based on my…

@RantavahtiBy @Rantavahti6 years ago 0 088

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